Beds, Fabric Covers & Care

Do you sell extra covers?

Yes. We will sell extra covers. For first dibs, sign up for our mailing list. We will be coming up with new stuff regularly.

Is it chew proof?

While its impossible to stop a teething puppy, we try our best to make sure that our products will survive even the most notorious chewers. We made sure that the vulnerable zipper pull is completely hidden from your dog’s view and teeth. We also offer some tough fabrics such as ballistic nylon and heavy duty canvas.

Is it pee proof?

We know that some dogs just love marking on their territory. We don’t want your dog’s corner of the room to stink thats why we made sure that the covers are washable. While the inner lining of our beds are water resistant, we also offer some covers with coated surfaces which provide extra protection especially for puppies which are not potty trained and elder dogs who have problems controlling their bladders.

How do I wash my Bow House Items?

Bed Covers
Machine wash on gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Leave it to hang and air dry. Do not put in direct sunlight. Do not put it in a dryer. Avoid brushing or using abrasive materials as this may damage the prints. Note: Some fabrics are printed with natural dyes and will fade after washing.

Inner Pillow
The cushion filling is made of a blend of our special blend of DuraDog foam and encased in water resistant lining. In case of accidents, immediately remove the cover and wipe down the inner pillow. Spot clean stains using a brush, warm water and mild detergent then pat with a dry cloth. Keep the inner pillow clean by regularly wiping it with disinfectant and vacuuming. Plump up and air out the inner cushion regularly so that it retains its fluffiness and shape. We do not recommend washing the foam.

IMPORTANT: Do not put foam in the Dryer. In case the foam gets wet, place under the sun until dry. Do not use until fully dry. Always keep away from moisture and do not store in dark and damp places.  For replacement pillows, email us at

What is it made of?


Our bed frames are made out of hand bent iron steel which is powder coated and baked in a chamber. This finish is highly durable. These are NOT your run of the mill spray painted crates which rust and chip off only after a couple of months.


Our beds are made with water resistant lining and stuffed with our own special blend of filling of multi density foams. Unlike regular synthetic fill, our durable foam filling is long lasting and will not flatten quickly over time. Dogs like it because it provides just the right amount of softness and support. Just make sure to plump up the bed regularly to make sure it retains it’s bounciness and shape.

Bed Covers

We use durable fabrics like outdoor canvas, ballistic nylon and cordura nylon to ensure that our beds can withstand dirt, stains and regular wear and tear of dirty dogs. 


Our accessories are made from only the best and most carefully sourced materials such as canvas, brass and leather.